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We are a small workshop dedicated to constructing quality hand crafted costumes and props.

Project & Order Updates

- (9/18/2022) Sorry for the long pause in general updates, we've been SUPER busy. THANKS to YOU!! We truly have the most amazing clients and trust we never take that for granted. So here we go...

- Book Of Boba Fett Helmet Pre-orders start shipping Oct 1st!!!! Pre-Orders for armor & accessories should be listed by then as well. As it has the last 2 years we do expect some longer then normal delays during that period, so PLEASE be prepared. I will say we have taken new steps this year to mitigate any disruptions but time will only tell if they work out.

- ALL raw kit orders on the books as of today should have already shipped or will ship over the next 2 weeks.... ALL. The Full finished & painted kits are a bit backed up as they have always been due to demand and its primarily Beskar Mando's. We do wish to give each build its time and appreciate all your patience. We want you to love and be amazed at your kit when you receive it.

-HOLIDAY SEASON !!! PLEASE understand we have large amounts of off time late November and early January. We love our families and hope you take some time with yours as well.

- Moing shop, AGAIN!! Thank you again for all your support. We are moving into a much more appropriate workshop that is over twice the size of our current shop and has a much better layout. This move is on-going over the next 4 months so shouldnt be a HUGE disruption but please be aware.

- (5/24/2022) OKAY! SWCA work is out of the shop and we took a couple days off but now back to work. Here is a very general outline of our June-August schedule. These are just the "wave tops" and there is much more going on then listed.

- June inside the Paint booth: Custom & unique kits (4), MS2 Boba (3) Bo Katan (4), Din Beskar kits (5), Din Pre-Beskar (2), ICAT (2) along with a couple Jetpacks & blasters. I do expect the possibility of a couple kits trickling into July.

- June other misc. stuff is going on like many assoted raw kits & accessories, Molding several new pieces notably BoBF helmet & armor.

- July will first be reserved for any kits that didnt get knocked out in June then will shift focus to preparing for GalaxyCon July 27th.

- August will see a major focus on BoBF gear & some larger scale builds.

- (5/1/2022) We have been DEEP into SWCA work mode and most other things have had to take a back seat over the last 3 weeks. This week will end all of that and we will be back to business as usual next Monday (23May) Many online orders will be packed and shipped next week and we will wrap up a few custom builds.

- The month of June will see many full Beskar, Bo Katan and other builds in the paint booth.

- Molding starts for BOBF stuff and a couple other helmets & bits that have been pushed to the side for awhile. LIke the ICAT/Tanker helmet.

- NEW updated Jetpack molds in June/July. We will officially start our line of Jetpacks with a few new ones and the current Bo & Mando/DW molds will be re-done to have detailed back plates. Look for Gar Saxon, and a couple different Boba packs added.

- VADER: A project well over 3 years in the making. Our Vader cast will be released and we are also working on reworks for an Obi-Wan version.

- (3/13/2022) Slowly but surely paint commissions are getting back on track but we still have a way to go to being on schedule again. Chipping away.

- In general, the shop is running at 85%. We have most areas of work semi set up so we can progress well with work but still have some organization to do.

- Jetpacks are behind in general and once we can devote a solid few days to casting we will have stock to fulfill remaining orders and have some in stock on the site as well. Hoping for possibly last week March first week April for this.

- MS2 Boba Fett Pre-orders have started shipping in bits but will fully start shipping before the end of March.

- BoBF Helmet Pre-Orders are UP. Pup Helmet – Redman Studio Workshop

- Fennec Shand Helmets will be in stock soon.

- See us in Richmond, VA at GalaxyCon March 18-20.

- Sith Trooper Project is moving. We will start some test pulls and parts inspection on the 25th of March.

- (2/18/2022) We are in the new shop and working again. Dozens of orders have shipped out this week and many more next week. Paint commissions have taken the largest hit and won't be back on track for another couple weeks or more because the paint booth has been taken apart and the new one won't start to be constructed until next Monday (2/21/2022) Painting will resume later next week. THANK YOU for your patience and understanding during this transition.

- BoBF Helmet Pre-Orders expected to be up first week of March.

- We will have the entire 850 Sith Trooper project masters & materials in the shop 3/01/2022) and progress will slowly start.

- (2/02/2022) IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are moving to a new location during the month of February. This move was originally scheduled for January but has shifted for reasons out of our control (Realtor/Landlord/Construction) so orders scheduled for Feb - Apr. have the potential for this shift to affect they're completion date.

With that being said, we are going to be very busy and involved with the move and build out during Feb. so only minimal work can be done on orders & projects. There is no way around the interruption of work but we really want to "Pull the band-aid quickly" so we can get it done and back to work.

PLEASE bare with us during this process & don't fear if communication is low.

- ICAT: All raw kit orders will be 100% fulfilled by Feb 15, 2022. Painted commissions by the end of Feb.

- MS2 Boba: On track with the potential to be ahead of schedule. Pre-orders were originally set to ship Spring 2022 however we are trying to have them all out before the end of Feb. IF POSSIBLE, don't hold me to that to tightly.

- BoBF with "The Makers Alliance": Priceing & Pre-orders are expected to be posted by the end of Feb. Right now, all components/makers are estimating a Summer 2022 delivery. This is a very fluid estimate though at the moment. Stay tuned.

- All general raw kit & painted commissions from 2021 are a top priority to complete Feb-Mar. While originally planned to get done in early Jan. several circumstances have drastically inhibited this from happening. Illness, and the expectance to move (and now the actual move) along with other inconveniences. Thank you for your patience. More refined details per order will be posted here over the next couple weeks.

- Project Vader: COMING SOON