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Redman Studio Workshop

Clone Trooper Premium Pauldron

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*** We make these after every 10 orders come in.  Once 10 orders are purchased we go into production of those orders.

Light weight, durable urethane rubber casting.  These pauldrons were originally created in real premium leather and abs plastics then molded to create a black rubber casting that looks IDENTICAL to real leather but is cast as a solid piece. 

Pauldrons have retaining screws (Chicago screws) cast into the underside that are used to easily and securely attach to the collar.  The back closure has a Chicago screw to swivel on and a cast in snap to secure (Not visible on outer side of pauldron).  This back Chicago screw is left for the end-user to easily place to ensure a perfect fit.

NO MORE dealing with the layers of your pauldron delaminating and peeling apart, these are solid rubber castings. See photos.

*Photos are of prototype parts. 

*HANDMADE to ORDER. times are dependent on current workload and can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months on average.

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