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GB Modular Valve (Clippard Disc) Cover for Proton Pack

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*** UPDATE 08MAY2023: Confirmed both Haslab & Original Clippard fit the stock disc cover.

*** UPDATE 25APR2023: Versions that require Clippard holes drilled will start being "made to order" once we finalize the holes to accommodate the HLab Clippard and the real Clippard. This is ESTIMATED to be on or around May 10th. 

Vacformed plastic cover for the "Modular Valve" base (Clippard Disc) on the H-Lab Proton Pack

* Comes in 4 versions.

  - DIY kit.

  - Trimmed & painted version. (Textured)

  - Trimmed, Clippard holes drilled & painted. (Textured)

  - Trimmed, Clippard & Afterlife jumper holes drilled & painted. (Textured)

* This is just the cover. We will have a kit version with Afterlife jumper cables and everything SOON!

*** MADE TO ORDER! depending on current workflow estimated between 1-4 weeks to shipment. 

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