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Redman Studio Workshop

GB Proton Pack MoBo (HASLAB 84' DELUXE)

Regular price $165.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $165.00 USD

* This is a PRE-ORDER group buy product and will go into production once MOQ (100) is hit. Once you purchase there is NO backing out as it affects everyone in the buy. 

Motherboards (Mobo) come with all required hardware to install on your pack (Alice Frame mounting hardware sold separately). Mobos' are approx. 15'x27"x1/8", made from lightweight aluminum and weigh approx. 3.5 lbs. with hardware. This is only 2 lbs. more than the original back (see photos)

Includes: MoBo with pre-installed rivet mounted L-brackets, 3 1/8" rivets pre- installed. 4 1/4-20 cap head socket screws, 4 washers, cyclotron bolt/spacer/nut, NEW DANGER decal, laser cut self-adhesive backed foam neck pad.

* Mobo can come with hardware NOT pre-installed by request. After you purchase reply to the confirmation email stating that you'd like this option.  

******* Pre-Orders are non-refundable ********

* This product requires you do drill 3 holes into your pack to install.  You can also fill in the original mounting holes.

* Product is laser cut from raw industrial sheets of aluminum and receive no post processing.  May have scratches or residues from the machining processes. They are expected to be cleaned and finished by end-user.

* Proton Pack & Alice frame are for display & not included.