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GB Proton Pack MoBo (Q-Pack)

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Speaker Door or Drilling add-on

This is a PRE_ORDER item! Run 1(4) OPENED June 8, 2024 !! READ READ READ !!

This mobo is designed to be a perfect for to our Q-Pack fiberglass shell.  Photos are of our Deluxe MoBo which is the closest in style to the final Q-Pack MoBo. The L-Brackets and rivets for mounting them will be the same and the general shape is as well.  There will not be the back protruding Cyclotron bolt. Includes DANGER Decal.

** PRE-ORDERS are NON-Refundable!!! This is a group buy that requires a MOQ before it goes into production, but it is guaranteed that it WILL be produced.  We do NOT cancel any pre-order items.

** Please take a look at our HASLAB MoBo item description HERE The item's description has the date history for the previous 4 runs of MoBos.  This MoBo's first run will be part of the overall 4th run of boards that will close in 1 week, and after July 15th all orders will be apart of Run 5. The quantities stack together which speeds the process up. Read that history to assist you with managing expectations on a delivery date.

** Proton Pack for this MoBo HERE

** Accessories for this pack HERE

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