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Redman Studio Workshop

GB Spengler Wand Upgrade Kit #1

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 ** PROTOTYPE SHOWN!!!! This is still in development and is estimated to be ready around Oct 15, 2023. In the photo the banjos & tips are grey resin printed prototypes. The banjo will also have the 6mm red connection like in Afterlife. The screws will be slotted. Weathering will be an add-on. 
** Originally slated for Sept 01, 2023 but moved to Oct due to some unforeseen production issues. 


- Aluminum Trigger assembly.

- Brass Banjo x2

- Screw x2 (Slotted, Flanged Hex head)

- Tubing (Red, 4mm & 6mm)

- 2 different clear tips or a full tube replacement (Acrylic 20mm)


* Email us at for any custom requests.

* Photos are of prototypes and final product may vary.