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Redman Studio Workshop

GB Spengler Wand Upgrade Kit #2 (TIP)

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Trigger Tip Install Video Click Here


- Aluminum Trigger assembly.

- Brass/Red colored resin Banjo x2

- Screw x2 (Slotted, Flanged Hex head)

- Rubber Tubing (Red, 4mm) 

- Wand Tip (Clear Resin)

* Hand made to order.

* Prototype shown in photos. Final product may vary. 


INSTRCTIONS (See Photo Above)

1.        Remove the original rubber front tip.

2.-3. Mark the width of the new trigger ring onto the tube and draw it around the tube.

4. Sand this area until you get a snug fit in the ring. (See RED highlighted images for more info) do NOT sand past the line, you can also sand the inside of the ring if needed with a Dremel or other tools.

5. Insert the tube into the new trigger ring just below the front edge.

6. Add some glue of choice.

7. Insert the new front tip.

*** Install is easier if you remove the tube from the wand, but it is not necessary.