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Redman Studio Workshop

HiC - Han in Carbonite (FIberglass Front Panel)

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Hand laid fiberglass. Light and durable only 9-10 lbs average. Fiberglass casting of the front panel as seen in the first photo.  

THE BOX STORY: (Available as a kit. Contact to purchase)

Our replica of the Han in Carbonite (HiC) Box has been a passion project of Jeremy’s for over 15 years. It all started back in 2007 when he randomly purchased a fan made replica of the front plate on eBay. Having that panel in hand, he originally planned to make the box himself by just manually cutting all the pieces from MDF with power tools and so started the deep dive, researching photos, references and measurements online. Then eventually stumbling upon the infamous blue prints that most everybody uses, (The ones posted by "miqt" on the dented helmet in 2009, where he states that he didn't know where they originally came from)

Using those blue prints, he first attempted to hand cut all the panels with a jigsaw (which was all he had at the time) but the cuts didn't turn out as well as hoped, so being a graphic designer by profession and working at a sign shop at the time, Jeremy figured he could recreate all the panels in vector format to have machine cut thru his job, so that’s what he did. During this process, because of all the research he did, he also realized how inaccurate the fan made front panel was that he purchased on eBay, so he ended up selling that and the project got put on hold for quite a while. 

He never assembled the box since the front panel was sold and the box panels became lost in the mix of scrap wood in the shop, lost or thrown away. Fast forward a few years to 2013, Jeremy stumbled upon a rubber casting of the front panel made by Glen aka "Darth Chromer" on the RPF,  which was beautifully reworked from an illusive concepts HiC, so he bought one, then stumbled upon the Zenix box kit around the same time on the RPF as well which used the same blueprints he originally started with, so he considered going that route for the box for a bit. Now not to say that the Zenix kit isn't outstanding (because it is), Jeremy was ultimately turned off by the puzzle piece side panels, the fact that they would still require the purchase of additional material for supports and such, and the fact that he had the means to create the panels himself the project was put on hold yet again where it would stay in limbo for the next 10 years. 

Fast forward to 2021 when he started working here, at Redman Studio Workshop with his good buddy & fellow costumer/prop maker Danny the project was given new life. The two set out to review and perfect not only the accuracy of Jeremy’s drawings but the functionality & integrity of the design.  So began another deep dive into research and development.  Together they refined several elements in regard to the accuracy of size, angles & details. They developed an attractive internal support structure that not only served to add rigidity but also kept weight down and was aesthetically pleasing when viewed from the reverse.


CREDITS:  HiC in photographs. Han sculpt & Volvo panels by JEmerald Stds. Light kit by Fettronics. Box, base, carbonite texture sculpts, assembly, finish & paint by Redman Studio Workshop.

*We utilize a variety of in house sculpts, casts and contributions from various studios in our builds.