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Redman Studio Workshop

GB Proton Pack, Dale Resistor Charging Port

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Includes everything seen in the image. Use this to connect to your 12v power cell in your pack and extend it to the exterior of the pack for charging.  combine this with a wired in on/off switch ran to the exterior of your pack for full function and eliminate the need to open your pack.

The Charging port is made with a real prop accurate SMC elbow, 4mm nycoil tubing, a resin RSW made dummy Dale resistor and male/female ended 12v DC power cable. 

This first run is for FINISHED & weathered prop replica version only. 

- Haslab insert & cover decal set.

- RSW RH50 Dale Resistor with screws

- RSW RH25 Dale Resistor Charging Port assembly with screws & dummy cap

*** Refer to your power surplus Manuel for operation compatibility  

*** Made to order *** typically 2-5 weeks to delivery.