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GB Proton Pack MoBo (HASLAB)

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Speaker Door or Drilling add-on

** CLICK HERE for Installation Instructions **

**Run #3 CLOSED! In Production as of Feb 2nd, 2024. ALL ORDERS AFTER THIS DATE ARE PART OF RUN #4 and all disclaimers below apply! READ BEFORE PURCHASE!

The Hlab Overlay (HLO0) is a cosmetic overlay that covers the existing plastic back.

The AL-Hero (ALH0, ALH1, ALH4) all use the L-bracket mounting system to attach to the pack and completely replaces the original plastic backing.

The difference in those 3 are ALH0 & ALH1 use the screen used method of attaching the alice frame requiring you to drill holes in your alice frame center bar, ALH0 has the door cutout and ALH1 has no door.

ALH4 uses the Hlab alice frame brackets and doesn't require you to drill holes in the alice frame.” (Replacement Haslab nuts NOT included)

The DIY is as its name implies. It only has the Haslab Cyclotron bolt and ready for you to mount any way you prefer.  This option is often chosen for those trying to build an 84/89 style pack.

 Motherboards (Mobo) come with all required hardware to install on your pack (Alice Frame mounting hardware sold separately). 5 base models available + add-on options.  Mobos' are approx. 15'x27"x1/8", made from lightweight Aluminum and weigh approx. 3.5 lbs. with hardware. This is only 2 lbs. more than the original back (see photos)

Optional paint application is a matte black.

******* Pre-Orders are non-refundable. See refund/return policies for issues after Pre-Orders complete.

* Product is laser cut from raw industrial sheets of aluminum and receive no post processing.  May have scratches or residues from the machining processes. They are expected to be cleaned and finished by end-user.

* Proton Pack & Alice frame are for display & not included.

Product History:

*** Initial Pre-order "RUN 1" commenced Feb 7, 2023. Reduced Pricing & included Alice hardware & DANGER sticker.                                                                                     

*** Initial Pre-order "RUN 1" CLOSED Mar 10, 2023. 

*** Initial Pre-order "RUN 1" started shipping Apr 01, 2023.

*** "RUN 2" commenced Apr 03, 2023.

*** "RUN 2" Closed Jul 04, 2023.

*** "RUN 2" started shipping ??? ??, ????

*** "RUN 3" commenced Jul 31, 2023

*** "RUN 3" CLOSED and went into production Feb 02, 2024

*** "RUN 3" started shipping ??? ??, ????

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