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Redman Studio Workshop

Proton Pack MoBo

Regular price $95.00 USD
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Speaker Cut-out

*** Initial Pre-order run (CLOSED) at reduced pricing and includes DANGER decal ***

*** Initial run commences Feb 7, 2023 and will go into production approx. March 10, 2023. 

Motherboards (Mobo) come with all required hardware. 3 base models available + add-on options.  Mobos' weight approx. 3.5 lbs and are made from lightweight 1/8" Aluminum.  

- Optional paint application is a matte black.

- Speaker/custom cut out requires email contact.

* Email us at for cut-out location or for any custom requests.

* Photos are of prototypes and final product may vary. 

**** Proton Pack & Alice frame are for display & not included ****