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GB Proton Pack MoBo (SPIRIT 1:1)

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Seaker Cut-out


**Run #4 OPEN as of March 1st, 2024. PLEASE read all dates of previous runs before purchasing.  The order will not go into production when we hit MOQ of 100. (This is combined with Haslab MoBos for MOQ)

**Run #3 CLOSED! In Production as of Feb 2nd, 2024. ALL ORDERS AFTER THIS DATE ARE PART OF RUN #4 and all disclaimers below apply! READ BEFORE PURCHASE!

**Run #3 UPDATE 08Nov2023. Currently at 50% MOQ! Based on historical data we won't hit 100% MOQ until 30Jan2024. We are now going to call 01Feb2024 the MAX deadline. If we do not hit MOQ by Feb 1st we will go into production regardless.  

** PRE-ORDER Run #3 UPDATE: Current standing. 25% MOQ. Get those orders in!

** PRE-ORDER Run #3 OPEN as of Oct 6th, 2023. Like all other Mobo runs, we will go into production when we hit MOQ (100). 

** PRE-ORDER Run #2 CLOSED as of Oct 5th, 2023. All orders placed will ship before Halloween. 

** PRE-ORDER Run # 2 OPEN!!! (MOQ +100) This run will include a 50% discount code for Alice frame hardware. Add a Spirit Mobo of any type to your cart and any Alice frame hardware with it and use the code ALICE50 **Run will close when we hit MOQ.  Will update 01 Nov 2023.

** Supermod includes mod accessories FREE with Run #1. Images are of the Proto-types and final parts can vary.

** There is a MOQ of 200 for the initial run. We go into production when we hit MOQ. Regardless of if we hit MOQ or not, by August 01, 2023, we will go into production. PLEASE be aware that the shop is closed for the month of July 2023 so use your best judgement in understanding how this will affect delivery based on production guidelines above. To speed up production we encourage people to help spread the word and get in early for the best opportunity to hit early dates. REGARDLESS of how fast we hit MOQ no boards can be painted until August. If you want it sooner order a raw aluminum board and save some $$, painting yourself is cheap and easy.

Motherboards (Mobo) come with all required hardware to install onto the shell & a DANGER decal. Mobos' are made from lightweight 2.5mm Aluminum (3.1 lbs) or 1/8" MDF (? lbs) Weights include hardware. 


We put a LOT of time & heart into each of our pieces and these MoBos have been no exception. Each design from the Haslab to the Spirit 80% to this Spirit 1:1 has had every angle and curve meticulously refined to fit as perfect as we can make it and to look as accurate as it possibly can. (Within the limits of the shell)

More then the shape, the mounting locations & how we decide to mount the board to the pack is very important to us and we spent a lot of hours viewing reference images & making locations work within the confines of the pack.

*** In the case of the Spirit 1:1, the plastic is VERY brittle. A simple L bracket system for mounting could work but we just felt it was far too much of a risk with this “notorious cracking” shell so we decided that we needed something that could not only function as a mount but could also reinforce the shell structurally, not add more weight then necessary and stand up to countless mobo removals. We decided on the lightweight blocks you’ll see in our promo. The uppers are Pine and cut to be a perfect fit within the shell. They are lightweight and should be glued into the face of the shell with something like e6000 or epoxy/glue of your choice. (Test first) The bottom 2 mounting blocks were hand sculpted blocks that we then made a mold of. We cast 2 for every pack with a lightweight urethane resin.

While our 4 blocks don’t look very impressive & require extra work from us to create in the shop we feel they are ideal for this specific shell.

Beyond the design & hardware we also created some additional parts for this kit. Both Standard &  the Supermod come with a resin bump out tab for the bottom to give the shell a more accurate silhouette. The Supermod comes with a few extra bits to aid in that modification project as well.

- Optional paint application is a matte black, self-etching primer only.

* Email us at for any custom requests.

* Photos are of prototypes and final product may vary. 

*** Pre-Orders are non-refundable. See refund/return policies for issues after Pre-Orders complete

* Product is laser cut from raw industrial sheets of aluminum or MDF and receive no post processing.  May have scratches or residues from the machining processes. They are expected to be cleaned and finished by end-user.

**** Proton Pack & Alice frame are for display & not included ****

Product History:

*** PRE-ORDER Run #1 commences May 3, 2023 @ includes a 10% discount code, Danger Decal and reduced pricing.

** PRE-ORDER Run #1 CLOSED as of June 30th. Boards are in Pre-Production.  Completion/Shipping dates TBD. Estimated Aug 30th to start shipping.

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