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Redman Studio Workshop

Saxon CW-S7 Armor

Regular price $950.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $950.00 USD

Kit is a mix of Fiberglass and resin printed parts. Hand made to order. Typical build time to delivery is 3 months for a raw kit & 4-5 months for a fully finished kit.  Feel free to contact for current status of orders. 

* A template will be included for a backplate & heel armor to be created from a thin material like styrene/sintra etc.  A backplate made from fiberglass will be an optional component for the Jetpack listing.

** Raw kit parts will require various levels of finish work before paint.
** All kits are hand made to order and can take 2-4 months depending on current workload. Finished kits will take longer up to twice as long. 

* Compliment your armor with our rifle, waster & jetpack accessories (Coming soon) 

* Get your Gar Saxon helmet to match this armor from Dirty Rogue Designs.

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