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Redman Studio Workshop

Westar-35 Blaster - Live Action

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*** current version is a resin print until new molds are complete & Urethane Resin can be cast. Prints are hollow high quality ABS like resin ***

Created from Ox Props 3d file. Raw kit requires finish work. A new mold is being created and there is no set completion time.  Estimated sometime summer 2022.

*Most raw kit items are made to order and expected 1-2 months completion. Finished items are typically 3-4 months. These timelines are estimated. Some items will ship sooner & some larger projects longer  

***Westar is in re-design and re-mold phase***  OxProps is updating the 3d file used for the mold masters of our Westar-35 and a new mold is in production.  Estimated Fall 2022.


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